Iane Zanini constructs her work based on two components: Color and Randomness. The color responsible for the tension between the solid space and the wide space represented by the white and the randomness that brings with it unexpected possibilities. Large red and brown stains become delicate and lyrical on her huge paintings. The intense colors that come through spontaneous ways are a result of incisions planned by the artist to cause randomness. Its fluid forms and ability to physically incorporate the forefront to the background layer compose a pleasant and subtle texture. Those who take longer notice with certain astonishment, several kinds of settings. From the abstract forms, landscapes emerge, referring to an introspected environment. Essential work that contrasts with an transitory, empty and certainty lover world. The choice of colors, the casuality proposal and the revitalization of random stains indicate the depth of her questions about life. There is always a renewal of the eye.

Zahira Souki
Master in Philosophy, UFMG